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No. In order to confirm your reservation, it is necessary to pay the amount previously through the website (by card) or by telephone (through bank transfer).

Of course! You can include a sixth player in the team with a supplement of 10€. In the case of being more than 6 people and up to 12, you can make a Cubiqumpetition forming two teams of up to 6. If you are more than 12 you can play our portable game version “Biohazard”, up to 100 people. If you would like further information, please contact us.

Although it is a focused activity for adults, you can come accompanied by minors. The minimum age to play is 8 years, although the difficulty of them has been established for ages from 14 years. Minors also count as team members. Groups formed only by children can play alone only in the case they have a minimum of 14 years. They must be accompanied by at least one adult who will be responsible for the behavior of the group and any incident that may occur during the course of the activity.

Not at all. It is a 100% safe activity. During the game there are no shocks or situations that produce fear or distrust. Only you and your team will be inside.

Certainly. Email us (or call us) at least 3 days in advance with all of your booking details so we can change it. If you don’t contact us or you don’t come at the time previously reserved, you will miss the visit and therefore the paid amount .

Unfortunatelly it is not possible to cancel your booking. Once you have payed it, we do not make refunds and the amount will be not returned.

The price of the rooms is per team regardless of the number of participants (from 2 to 5).

Of course you can! Many players in this situation already completed 100% of the game with no issue. In the off-change that somebody would like to leave the game, no problem! He or she can do it any time and the team can go on playing as next to the entrance door you can find the emergency button. It allows for opening the door no matter when.